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June 17th, 2015


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PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
Would Admiral Horatio Nelson have been alive when the column in his honor was being built, I imagine that he would have said: “you must obey orders without thinking twice about it and then you must hate anyone who speaks ill of your queen, and smite them hip and thigh without mercy!”
And there … a coxswain would go answering, “aye aye sir.” A tough admiral, must have been Nelson. One of his quotes was “My character and good name are in my own keeping. Life with disgrace is dreadful. A glorious death is to be envied”
What beats me is how did they not choose to erect a warship instead of a column for a monument for Admiral Nelson?
Admiral Horatio Nelson met his death after sustaining wounds in the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805. The British Royal Navy fought this battle against the combined forces of the French and Spanish navies. Erected from 1840 to 1843, it cost 47,000 pounds. It is made of granite with a statue of Admiral Nelson mounted at the tip.
Later in 1867, four lions made of bronze were added at the base of the column. Recently in 2006, the column was refurbished to the tune of nearly half a million pounds. The monument is 51.6 meters tall.
The monument depicts the four major battles that nelson won including The Battle of the Nile, The Battle of Cape St. Vincent, The Battle of Copenhagen and The Battle of Trafalgar where he died. It was in 1938 that a committee of MPs was formed to oversee the construction of the monument honoring Nelson.
The British government donated land for the monument in Trafalgar square. To find a design for the monument, a contest for designs was held, looking for something that could range between 20,000, and 30,000 pounds, which was won by William Railton. 
Admiral Nelson has other monuments in his honor in Trafalgar square, Barbados and Bridgetown. In addition, the French citizens erected another monument known as the Nelson’s Column in Montreal in 1809.
My sentiments, were he alive today, I guess I know what Admiral Nelson would say about the economic crisis in Europe: “Desperate affairs require desperate measures.”
May his soul rest in eternal peace!

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