The Company at a Glance
seeCOSM  Holding is founded in 2004 in Lebanon
seeCOSM Inc. is incorporated in Delaware in 2004 and owned by seeCOSM Holding. Both seeCOSM  & PROFESsee are filed with USPTO.
Jacques Ekmekji is the Founder and President of seeCOSM and a
Partner in ArabiaGIS, Lebanon www.arabiagis.com
seeCOSMengages in “spatially enabling the e” (“see”), to provide seeSolutions, by integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Spatial, Communication, 3D Intelligent Visualization; and converging Technologies.
Prime focus and Priority of seeCOSM is to provide seeSolutions through 3D intelligent visualization over the Web by spatially enabling the e - making it possible to “see” rather than “e.“ Thus one can envisage a transition not just from e-governments to see-governments, but to see-cities, see-countries, and see-cosms. In effect, the e is animated, empowered, and replaced by see-realities.
PROFESsee is the first product of seeCOSM.  It is an online social networking platform where the PROFESseecommunity can interactively socialize, entertain, educate, innovate, and invent, to have life and have it more abundantly. At the core of the portal is the PROFESsee games (online, TV, mobile, VR, reality,…). PROFESsee is modeled around the three cosmos: Body (MicroCOSM), Earth (MesoCOSM) and Universe (MacroCOSM). It is an appropriate fit for Games2TV2Games multiplayer networking environment. Every episode spans one or more of the following themes: science, history, religion, art, sports, and more… the highest scorer of every month will be declared the PROFESsee of the month and will earn a valuable prize.