How do I report an issue?
You can report an issue by using the support tab at the bottom right. You can contact the support team by Live Chat or by filling out the contact form.
The episodes are running slow, what do I do?
If the loading time is taking too long, it means your internet connection is slowand is having a hard time loading the challenges. If the challenges are running slower than usual, then it means your computer is having a hard time processing, consider closing some unused tabs and applications.
The game always gets stuck at the same question in the episode, help!?
This issue usually happens with slow internet connections. If during loading a timeout happens and is saved in the browser's cache, during subsequent times the same issue is reloaded from the cache. You should clear your browser's cache or switch to a different browser. For instructions on how to clear your browser's cache, please see the following web guide: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/
Am I allowed to search the answers online?
Yes! it's not considered cheating, We encourage searching online. The objective is to find the answer and not to know the answer. but once you know the answers speed becomes of essence.
How does the scoring work?
The time remaining of each challenge is your score. If you finish a challenge you get 10 point bonus. Example: if the challenge time is 60 seconds and you finish it in 51 sec, the time remaining is 9 sec. Then your score will be 9+10=19 please refer to the instructions to get acquainted with unfamiliar terms.
What is buffer?
Buffer in Geographic Information System (GIS) and in the game is defined by Wikipedia "A buffer in GIS is a zone around a map feature measured in units of distance or time. A buffer is useful for proximity analysis." Please refer to the instructions and the gameplay page to get acquainted with unfamiliar terms.
There are several strange terminologies, where can I find the definitions?
Please refer to the instructions and the gameplay page to get acquainted with unfamiliar terms.
I have trouble when logging in, what's wrong?
The most common issue is when people use their nicknames as their usernames. Remember to always use your email address as username when logging in.
I don't remember my password, what should I do?
You should use the "Forgot Password" link on the sign in page to reset your password. We will send you a link via email to the address you provided during registration.
I don't remember my username, what should I do?
Your username is the email address you used for registration. If you still can't remember it, please contact our support team.
What is Academy?
The Academy is designed to give the users the power to enrich the game in variety and taste. We encourage users to take part in the creation of new episodes by socially interacting with each other and collaborating on the many aspects of episode creation, such as: Clue research, Graphics, Hint research, Game Design, Music...
What is Geospatial?
The Geospatial section is where you can find friends from your own community and communicate with them through an integrated messaging system.
What are Community, Virtual Community, Real Community?
The Community section has 2 variants: real community and virtual community. The real community is your physical location, as in the city you reside in. Virtual communities are other communities that you can join to interact with their members, ask for help, or collaborate to generate new episodes in the Academy. You can join many Virtual communities, and you earn the right to join more virtual communities the more you play episodes and score higher.
Store is not responding!
True, at present store is disabled. It will be activated in due time.
What's the purpose of the newsletter in the game?
The Newsletter section has several merits. (i) it provides you some background information about each and every challenge; (ii) it directs you to the Facebook version of every challenge in the episodes so you can practice on them.
In the Trace challenge, what do I do?
The Trace challenge is ordinarily composed of 2 parts:
The first part consists of finding an answer to the clue and typing it in the answer's box provided. Not every episode has this part.
The second part consists of tracing a distance on the Google map. To do this, follow the steps below:
1- Click on "navigate" tab button in the red menu bar to switch to map view.
2- Select the trace tool at the top of the map.
3- Go to the first desired location. and click on the map to insert the first marker.
4- Repeat Step 3 for all needed locations
5- Submit the distance which will take you to the main challenge view.

You will now have the distance field dislplaying the miles. You can click on the "submit" button to complete the challenge.