The PROFESSEE Team composition is multi-facetted and comprises seasoned professionals and young creative and talented artists and developers.
Site Credit:

seeCOSM™S.A.L Holding, seeCOSM™S.A.R.L; seeCOSM™Inc.:

  • Jacques Ekmekji: PROFESSEE™ Game Deviser, Originator, Episode Writer, Developer, and Producer;
  • Dr. Basim Sayigh: Advisor;
  • Dr. Arda Ekmekji: Advisor;
  • Aziz Sayigh: Strategic Advisor
  • Elie Nasr: Consultant, Senior Project Manager, Episode Writer;
  • Raffi Chilingirian: Game Developer;
  • Manoug Chilingirian: Design and Functional Specification, Episode Writer;
  • Hrag Ghougassian: Technical Director; Team Leader; 2D/3D Developer;
  • Rawad Azzam: Systems & Security Specialist;
  • Karma Ekmekji: Business Manager, Editor;
  • Story Writers, Clue Researchers, Designers, Music Composers, Character Designers, Reviewers and many more.
  • Nigol Bezjian: Executive Producer, Senior Script Writer, and Film Maker

Samer Dadanian: Founder Final Cut-Production (FCP), Game Director

ArabiaGIS:: Portal Development
Nicolas Philippon: Virtools Expert

International Competitions, Recognitions, and Quotes:
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